Technology Education Trends- January 2015

2015 Jan 01


Technology Education Trends- January 2015 


YouTube EDU
Whether you're doing research for a project, need help with homework, or just want to learn something new, YouTube EDU features some of the most popular educational videos across YouTube.

The channel was generated automatically by YouTube's video discovery system. The channel sports the tagline "Where anyone, anywhere can learn or teach anything". You can follow them on Google+ at  
Users can subscribe to the channel by grade level: Primary & Secondary, University, and Lifelong learner. Primary & Secondary Education subscribers will find videos sorted by academic area.

21st Century Classroom: YouTube @ Kent-Meridian High School 
21st Century Classroom: YouTube @ Kent-Meridian High School

YouTube for Parents  

YouTube for parents can be blessing and a curse. Channels like PBSParentsPicks and ParentsMagazine are full of craft and party ideas as well as answers to general health and development questions. Finding appropriate content for our children can be more of a challenge. is a filter site where a topic is entered into the seach box and child friendly videos are returned.


Using Safety Mode on YouTube itself is another tool for parents to use to filter the content available to their children while on the site.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of any YouTube page and click the drop-down menu in the "Safety" section.
  2. Select the On or Off option to enable or disable this feature.

Enabling Safety Mode on YouTube will also enable  Google SafeSearch, which is a similar filter for Google Search.

While it's not 100 percent accurate, YouTube uses community flagging, age-restrictions, and other signals to identify and filter out inappropriate content.


Android Kids Video Player For YouTube


Video player, with child lock, specifically made for kids and toddlers to watch videos on YouTube, Interned and your devices. App allows video search from YouTube using safety mode so inappropriate videos are not returned in search results. Parents can select a list of videos, stored on their device, or from YouTube or Internet that kids can watch.



Kid-safe Tube for iOS




KidSafe Tube is an app that provides parents with an easy to use tool to protect their children's online activities. The app filters YouTube videos based on their content so that your child is not exposed to any offensive or explicit content while browsing videos on their iPhone or iPad.


Using KidsSafe Tube allows parents to effectively regulate the content children view by giving parents the ability to bookmark videos they consider safe for viewing. 
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