Technology Education Trends- May 2015

2015 May 01


Technology Education Trends- May 2015 

Making Movies and Creating Stars!



Videography is an engaging way for children to use and learn about digital media as a form of technology.  With usage of handheld video cameras on the rise, many children can benefit from expanding their knowledge and creativity with this art form.



 Videomaker: the Blog


This article lists five excellent reasons why introducing kids to the camcorder and allowing them to record and edit videos is beneficial. 

This site is dedicated to teachers with suggestions about how to integrate video production into the curriculum.  Teachers who wish to help their students learn scripting, shooting, and editing are encouraged to visit this site for fun-filled project based learning.

10 Video Viewing Sites for Kids


It is sometimes difficult to find a safe way to let children watch videos on the internet.  This blog has listed several fantastic websites that allow safe and easy viewing for children.





(free) Make movie magic with this free app. 


Qik Video 

(free) This editing app was developed by Skype. Use it to create fun videos.




(free) As a featured favorite, this app makes creative movies.

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