In 1983, tucked away in Virginia suburb of Washington D.C, Educational Computer Workshop was created. This enterprise built a strong reputation among parents, educators and children for a quality computer environment where “learning is fun.” From this educational school of activity, the founders, Mary Rogers and Karen Marshall, presented an impressive array of innovative computer projects. Both educators and parents soon came to rely on the workshop for its expertise in educating their children in the fascinating world of technology.

One of these projects, COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS, became the largest and fastest growing component of the workshop. COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS became an innovative force in education by bringing computer education directly to the children. Our goal, then and now, is to help children to use the computer as a learning, creating, and communication tool. This is an easy goal to attain – our classes are packed with so much fun! Children of all ages are immediately intrigued by technology and want to learn more!

Since 1984, COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS has continued to grow. Today, COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS brings quality computer education to tens of thousands of children worldwide each week, making COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS the worldwide leader in technology education for children ages 3-12.


"At COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS, we specializing in providing computer/IT classes for children/kids ages 3-12."

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